Switching to electromobility is often associated with great uncertainty for private individuals as well as many fleet operators due to the complexity with regards to actual ranges, the required charging infrastructure or the expected acquisition and subsequent costs. Many commercial vehicle fleets offer the ideal conditions to make electromobility an ecologically sensible and economically attractive mobility concept.

Against this backdrop we offer a comprehensive, scientifically funded electromobility training which supports interested fleet operators scientifically and technically, covering all aspects from planning to reliable use of the vehicles.

The objective is to acknowledge concerns prior to switching to electric vehicles and successfully integrate vehicles into the existing fleet.

The results of many years of research form the basis for electromobility training. Since 2009, Kempten University, a partner of monalysis GmbH and operator of a broad, heterogeneous electric fleet, has carried out many state-funded projects in the area of electromobility with various partners from industry and has profound expert knowledge.


Determine your individually required mobility: we check which of your vehicles can be replaced by electric versions

  • Recording the movement patterns of your conventional vehicle fleet
  • Simulation of your movement patterns as an electric vehicle fleet
  • Determining which vehicles in your fleet can be replaced by electric vehicles
  • Recommendations for necessary charging infrastructure
  • Optimization of fleet utilization
  • Cost and usage analysis including CO2 savings
  • Operating electric rental vehicles

FLEETALYZER analysis tool

Always have an overview of your vehicle use with your personal web access

  • Usage and coverage analyses
  • Statistical evaluations (routes, time of day, week...)
  • Vehicle utilization optimization
  • Sensible charging points including recommended charging capacity
  • Simulation of electric vehicles in everyday fleets
  • Recording CO2 emissions of the fleet
  • Cost and usage analyses (TCO/TVO) for new and existing vehicles