As a partner for vehicle developers, we offer testing services in the fields of data acquisition as well as extensive analyses and evaluations of stresses and loads on vehicles and vehicle fleets.

Our engineers and technicians develop individual solutions for transducer configurations and install the necessary sensors in order to meet the various requirements of the vehicle industry during the development and testing period. A wide range of equipment allows us on the one hand to calibrate vehicle components in uniaxial or multiaxial test rigs and on the other hand to carry out measurement campaigns with numerous quantities independently.

During various measurement campaigns both in and out of Europe, we have gathered experiences in conception, organization and execution of service measurements on testing tracks or in customer use.

In order to evaluate the occurring stress and load scenario in operation, we have developed tools and processes which allow us to efficiently analyze a huge amount of customer measurement data with large vehicle fleets.

  • Conception and instrumentation of transducers and data acquisition to determine relevant stress and load conditions
  • Installation and calibration of strain gauges
  • Organization, planning and execution of service measurements on testing tracks or in customer use
  • Evaluation of usage and load conditions of vehicles and of vehicle fleets
  • Derivation of customized frequency distributions using statistical methods
  • Composition of damage-equivalent testing cycles

Our Durability Transfer Concept enables us to perform long-term measurements of vehicle fleets with a minimum of instrumentation effort by using autarkic data acquisition systems. With this concept the load and stress conditions in the different areas of a vehicle can be derived reliably and economically out of easily measurable acceleration and CAN-Bus quantities.