In order to determine the stress and load conditions on aircraft components, we offer a wide range of services from the conception and the instrumentation to the calibration and the testing of multiaxial load transducers.

By using finite element simulations, our engineers specify significant measuring points on given aircraft components and elaborate the sensor setups. Our AIRBUS-certified employees install the required strain gauges and wire those up to multiaxial load transducers either in our laboratory or on site at your facilities. For the determination of wheel forces we have developed a concept to install strain gauges even at the most difficult locations such as inside of landing gear axles.

Performing various multiaxial calibrations, we derive the sensitivities of the installed load transducers and develop the required calibration matrices to determine the occurring loads in service.

  • Conception of the transducers and the measuring chain for multiaxial load determination
  • Simulation of load transducers using finite element models
  • Instrumentation of strain gauge applications and wiring up to multiaxial load transducers
  • Calibration and testing of multiaxial load transducers
  • Deriving calibration matrices to determine multiaxial load conditions
  • Development of computation and analyses software